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Goofy received a dog house to match from his master. Not only is it a well-made dog kennel, but it also matches the environment very well. The...
Gray and Black are the new colors in which you can order the AtviKids Montessori Multifunctional Learning Tower
The Ikea Bekvam Step Stool is out of stock in Ikea Romania with no current visibility of the re-fulfillment of the stock 
Dog cage on order with insulated terrace and folding roof, finished in Palisandru color
Card payment in equal installments without interest is now possible. You can choose to pay for our products between two and six installments.
You have the opportunity to see the dog cages we manufacture in an outdoor area within the Cosmopolis complex in Bucharest.
The result of the survey : 8 out of 10 customers are promoters, recommending our cages further to their friends.
The purchase price of wood, our main raw material, has recorded in recent months average increases of 50% ~ 60%.