Montessori Beds and Cribs

Having the ability to move on their own and organize themselves, the little ones develop the ability to learn independently, based on their own experiences.

Such a bed, also called "floor bed" may surprise us, but as soon as we find out the arguments for which a bed is used we will understand the reasons behind this recommendation. The bed mountssori encourages children's independence, thus crowning their interaction with the environment and encourages them to learn using the environment in which they live and to gain new experiences.

Our crib is recommended from the age of 2 months and has no upper limit as a recommendation of the right age. It is suitable for both the little ones and the older ones, encouraging independence and self-organization.

While the classic crib limits the experience with the environment up to about 2 years (the time when the parents remove the front of the crib), the Montessori bed encourages physical and mental independence from the very first months of life.

Having such easy access to their bed, both on the descent and on the climb, the little ones will gain independence much easier and at a younger age. In this way they develop greater self-sufficiency, along with personal independence, which leads to an internal sense of self-confidence, motivation and end-to-end thinking.

The purpose of the entire design of the child's room should be directed to facilitate learning, independence, self-service development. The closer the design is to the needs of the child, the more confidence he will have in his abilities. This way we demonstrate to them that we respect their needs and their path, that we trust them.

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