Ikea Bekvam Back In Stock in Ikea Romania

Update October 20, 2021

The chair is again in stock so we reactivated the option to buy the complete tower (add-on + bekvam chair)


Update October 18, 2021

Contrary to a supply forecast between October 14 and 19, the chair is still unavailable.


We would like to inform you that we have discovered that the Ikea Bekvam Step Stool is out of stock in Ikea Romania. Also following our discussion with the call center there is no visibility of the re-fulfillment of the stock as there are some issues on the production and transport side.

This impacts also us as we do not have in stock all the necessary step stools to cover all our orders for the complete package (the add-on manufactured by us and the step stool sourced from Ikea)

In this unfortunate context we see two plausible options:

1. You can check if in your country the Bekvam Step Stool is in stock (look for article code 601.788.87). We have check on our side and the is stock in some countries. In this case, you can order locally and we can provide you only the add-on. If you choose this option we will refund you the difference keeping only the transport cost and the AtviKids Add-on Price. 

2. We refund you the order no question asked.

Please message us and let us know your wish and we will act accordingly.