Thanos' New Insulated Dog House

Thanos is a superb German Shepherd from Sibiu, full of energy and playful, who received a new, much more resistant kennel after unfortunately his first one couldn't handle his energy and deteriorated rapidly.

Thanos' case is not a singular one; a significant proportion of the people who come to us do so to replace a kennel they already have but which the dog has damaged. With the help of the metal profiles we install on the kennel, we reinforce its structure and protect all the areas that a dog might start to chew. You can see in this article other examples of customers with deteriorated kennels who have turned to us.

Even though our kennels are more expensive than other alternatives on the market, consider that they are made for the dog to use throughout its entire life, so you won't need to replace them. Thus, in the long run, you are much better off.

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ColorTeak Warranty24 months InsulationYes (insulated) Recommended breedCane Corso, Ciobanesc Carpatin, Ciobanesc Caucazian, Mioritic Shepherd, Husky, Golden Retriever, German dog, Rottweiler, German Shepherd, Akita Inu, Ciobanesc de Bucovina, Setters, Pitbull Optional Dog House ProductsPlacuta Nume, Profil Metalic Baza Cusca, Profil Metalic Intrare, Incalzire Electrica Gestionata Din Telefon, Perdea PVC, Profil Metalic Baza Acoperis, Bol Mancare, Grilaj Usa Intrare
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How it is deliveredAssembled on the dog house (when ordered together with a dog house), Single package (when not ordered together with a dog house) Production time3-4 working days + transport