Insulated Dog House Anthracite Gray and Brown Shingle

The wait is over!

3 days after placing the order, the little one received his dream house. Just as his masters demanded the house is color matched with the metal fence of the house.

This dog house was painted in water-based color, an anthracite gray shade. The roof is covered by brown bituminous shingles.

This cage was also chosen for a metal profile at the entrance so that the little one does not have any area to gnaw.

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In stock
1169,00 RON
ColorTeak Warranty24 months InsulationYes (insulated) Recommended breedEnglish Bulldog, Dalmatian, Labrador, Brac German, Airedale Terrier, Shar Pai, Husky, Boxer, Collie, Setters, Dobermann, Poodle Big, Mallinois, Rottweiler, Pitbull, Golden Retriever, German Shepherd Optional Dog House ProductsProfil Metalic Intrare, Perdea PVC, Placuta Nume, Bol Mancare, Grilaj Usa Intrare, Incalzire Electrica Gestionata Din Telefon
In stock
49,00 RON
How it is deliveredAssembled on the dog house (when ordered together with a dog house), Single package (when not ordered together with a dog house) Production time5-7 working days + transport
Made to order
45,00 RON
Made to order
80,00 RON