Antracid Color Insulated Dog House with Foldable Rood and Metal Profiles

We present a recent order. This is a model D Dog House with a folding roof for which the client wanted an anthracite finish.

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909,00 RON
ColorTeak Warranty24 months InsulationYes (insulated) Recommended breedBichon, Boston Terrier, Pitbull, Westie, Pekingese, French Bulldog, Border Terrier, Teckel, Sealiham Terrier, Beagle, Fox Terrier, Poodle Toy, English Bulldog, Cocker Optional Dog House ProductsProfil Metalic Intrare, Perdea PVC, Placuta Nume, Bol Mancare, Grilaj Usa Intrare, Incalzire Electrica Gestionata Din Telefon
Made to order
65,00 RON