Sarbatorim un an de la inceputul productiei de turnuri de invatare

27 Feb 2020
Victor Staicu

Last day Facebook reminded us that a year ago we started the production of learning towers. Wow how quickly time passed and what a rich experience it brought us!

In addition to the experience of more than 10 years in the production of dog cages, children's furniture and especially this first product range, the learning towers, have brought many new things for our team starting from new raw materials, new manufacturing processes and finishing up to new channels and marketing countries.

At one year distance in the production area we developed a very good grinding process, investing in various machine tools, in the painting area we changed 3 times the paint suppliers to reach a very good coating of lacquer based products. water not harmful to children.

Perhaps the most important change was the export, a dream older than ours. Today, our factory delivers all the countries of the European Union and we will serve other countries in a few months. And as a relationship does not end with a sale I worked a lot in the area of tracking parcels and aftersales.

The road was not smooth, we encountered many problems but we solved them. We thank our clients for their trust and for their understanding when they encountered problems. All of these have helped us reach a better product and process improvements #betterthantyesterday

We conclude by saying that if you have a dream you work on it. When you make mistakes, apologize and solve the problem because only the one who does not work does not make a mistake. Constantly improve your services and products and do not forget to treat customers as you would like them to be treated.



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