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30 Dec 2020
Victor Staicu

Updates 10 January 2021

We would like to inform you that orders from the UK can now be transported. DHL informed us that the road transport between EU and UK is now back in operations. 

Regards, team 


Status 30 Dec 2020

For all our clients in UK we would like to present hereunder the current status and the orientation for transport beginning 2021 between UE and UK.


In the last weeks of December, the transport from EU to UK suffered a lot of disturbance for two main reasons:


  • The Brexit with no deal. Our current transporter to UK, DPD (, informed us that all road transport services will be halted and will not offer them anymore


  • The CoVid19 outbreak in UK. The undersea road channel between EU and UK was closed in the last week of December both for passengers and merchandise. We had shipments to UK that returned to the sender due to road closure as they did not succeed to pass any more. 


In this moment there is no transport solution at a fair price (except air which is 3times higher than road) from EU to UK. 


Starting from 2021 we will start to ship from EU to UK with DHL (  Following the discussion with our key account from DHL the orientation is that DHL will re-open road transport in the 1st week of 2021, after 4th of January, meaning that we can start to re-ship to UK starting from that date. 


We are sorry for this situation but we want to assure you that a transport solution is foreseen and your orders will reach you mid-January for sure.


P.S. If by any chance there will be no transport solution we will fully refund your orders no worries.


Regards, team


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