Insulated House For 12 Cats

Mrs. Madalina's cats received their house at the end of last week. Now they have meetings for the allocation of rooms and the election of the responsible of the association of tenants


The house was made on order starting from the requirements of our client and among the main features we find:

  • Size on order with12 rooms
  • Sandwich insulation of all walls (paneling, 20mm polystyrene, 6mm osb) for better thermal protection
  • Thermally insulated curtains at each entrance to protect each room from the external elements (rain, snow, strong wind) offering more comfort to the animal and practically stopping the access of any infiltrations inside.
  • 2 stairs for easier access


Also, the transport was provided by our company and the delivery was made by the person who took care of its production and who kept in touch with the client throughout the construction. We have thus made sure that the product arrives without incident and that we can have a quick feedback from the customer at the time of delivery.


We thank Mrs. Madalina for her order, trust and time to write us the message below a day after receiving the box



Thank you so much for agreeing to make us a cat box.

It came out gorgeous . We didn't expect it to come out so beautiful and so resilient.

We also thank you very much for the transport.

All the best and we thank you once again for your goodwill to help us provide a warm place for our cats.

Good health and success in continuation!

Have a good day!"