Podea Incalzita Electrica Gestionata Din Telefon

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Low temperatures? Stop worrying about your dog!

Keep a warm and comfortable home for your pet, without having to worry about overheating or safety hazards. And all this directly from your mobile phone wherever you are.

With the help of the electrically heated floor your puppy will no longer suffer from the cold in winter, always having a warm bed at his disposal on which to sit on, all in your control from any place directly from your phone.

With an experience in the production of dog houses and after discussions with our customers and experienced veterinarians, we have developed this innovative product, which combines an already mature technology used in the electric heating of residential floors with state-of-the-art technologies in terms of connectivity and 3D printing.

Main features

  • provide thermal comfort to the dog without overheating it
  • the dog lying on the floor is always in contact with the heat, in addition, the warm air always circulates upwards toward the dog. Thus, underfloor heating is much better than heating by the infrared bulbs or fan heaters that are mounted on the ceiling of the cage, in areas that are not in contact with the dog.
  • it is mounted fixed over the floor of the dog house, thus being adaptable to any model whether it is new or old, whether it is produced by us or purchased elsewhere
  • the temperature is totally visible and manageable from proximity and distance having countless possibilities of activating and disabling the heating (depending on temperatures and/or schedule and/or days). Such a level of control and information is not possible with most current heating systems that involve access inside the dog house and control only on the basis of thermostats on a few levels.
  • the box inside is protected with a metal cap and the current wire is passed through the metal cable gland wrapped in rubber and  IP44 electrical plug


What do I need to be able to use the electrically heated floor?

Make sure before ordering the floor that you meet your technical expectations. You can find here an article dedicated to this topic.

Do you order together with a dog house from us?

You get the dog house with the floor mounted, you just need to plug it in. Find out here how to connect the electrically heated floor to your mobile phone.


Do you order for a dog house you already have?

Electrically heated floors can also be mounted on dog kennels that are not bought from us. If you are in this situation you must provide us with the size of the rectangle in which you will put the electric floor, that is, what width and length in millimeters you need.

From us you get the assembled floor and you have to mount it in the pet's. You can find here a recommendation of the steps to follow in the case of mounting the floor in another dog house than the one manufactured by us.


More information ?

Check out the blog section with articles dedicated to electrically heated floors


Caracteristicile Produsului

Product Category:
Electric Heating
Suited For:
  • Dog House Size 2
  • Dog House Size 3
  • Dog House Size 4

Dimensions and Weight

15 KG

Production and Transport

How it is delivered:
  • Assembled on the dog house (when ordered together with a dog house)
  • Single package (when not ordered together with a dog house)
Package Contents:
  • Electric Cable
  • Heated Floor
Production time
3-4 working days + transport

Product Identification

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Manual Asamblare Podea Incalzita (Manual_Asamblare_Podea_Incalzita.pdf, 481 Kb) [Download]

Assembly Manual Heated Floor (Assembly_Manual_Heated_Floor.pdf, 480 Kb) [Download]



Wireless Heated Floor
Aplicatia functioneaza atat pe sisteme Android si IOS ?
Care este temperatura recomandata de functionare ?
De ce este nevoie pentru a fabrica o podea pentru o cusca ce nu este produsa de noi?
Cum comand o cusca cu incalzire ?
Pot folosi podeaua intr-o zona fara semnal de internet


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Sabau Cristian
Verified purchase
Excelent. Functioneaza impecabil.
Marin Alexandru
Verified purchase
Un produs excelent! Preț raport calitate foarte bun. Pentru cei interesați de consumul energetic, acesta este foarte mic, în jur de 1.5 - 2kWh pe zi.

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