What do I need to use the electric heated dog house floor ?

Before ordering the electrically heated floor for the doghouse we have created a list of things to check so that once it comes to you it works without headaches:

#1 The doghouse is located in an area with a good Wi-Fi signal

The management of the electrically heated floor is done exclusively from a mobile phone. Communication between the mobile phone and the floor of the doghouse is done through the Internet by anyone in the world as long as the phone and doghouse are connected to the Internet. Thus the doghouse must be in an area with a good internet signal.  We recommend that you connect your phone to your home internet network and go to the place where you will place the doghouse. Check the signal strength, if the internet is fluid or if you can see a movie on youtube without interruptions.

If the signal is not strong, the communication will not be fluid and disconnections may occur. Either you place the doghouse closer to the signal source or you install a device to strengthen the Wi-Fi signal ("Wireless Range Extender").

#2 Frequency 2.4 GHz of network signal

Communication with the heated floor is done by 2.4GHz frequency. This is the first frequency used by Internet networks, more recently appeared more powerful frequencies (5GHz or 6GHz) but modern devices maintain the old frequency. Your home internet must have a 2.4GHz frequency signal activated. You can check the frequency by accessing the wireless network to which you are already connected.

If the network/internet signal is not on the 2.4GHz frequency, you will not be able to manage the heated floor on your phone. If the frequency is not 2.4 GHz it is possible that it will not be activated from the router, we invite you to have a discussion with your internet provider.

#3 Distance between doghouse and electrical outlet

The heated floor comes with an electric cable of about 1.5~2 linear meters. Please make sure that the distance to the nearest power source does not exceed this distance. Also, the outlet must be in an area protected from rain.

If you need a longer length please let us know and for a fee we can mount a larger cable.

#4 Install on your phone the application through which you will remotely control the heated floor

Install on your phone the eWeLink application (https://www.ewelink.cc/en /).  Create an account and get acquainted with it. You'll need this app to control the heated floor when it reaches you.

You can install the application on your Iphone from here or on Android from here.

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How it is deliveredAssembled on the dog house (when ordered together with a dog house), Single package (when not ordered together with a dog house) Production time3-4 working days + transport