Product warranty

We offer a 2 year manufacturer warranty for each of our products . If you find during use problems related to the quality of production or materials we will surely solve the situation. The guarantee is not offered if it is identified that the problems claimed were generated by the inappropriate use of the products. The warranty also does not cover paint or varnish because we have no guarantee that no chemicals were used to clean the surfaces. However, we assure you that the paint we use is sourced from a renowned germ producer.

Please use the form below to complete the warranty application. The pictures will help us understand the situation at a distance.

In general, your request can be solved in two ways:

  • If only some parts have problems - We will send you spare parts at no cost and we will cover all transport costs.
  • If the entire product needs to be changed - Please send us the product, we will cover the cost of return. Once the product has arrived we will analyze it if the problem was not caused by the user. Either we will repair the item sent or replace it with a new one and send it to cover the shipping costs.

Guarantee form


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