Disponibilitatea custilor de caini

30 Nov 2019
Victor Staicu

In the attention of customers who want cages for the dog

We would like to inform you that the production of dog cages is suspended until the beginning of February 2020.

This is caused by the change of transport conditions by most courier companies in Romania having as main impact:

1. The maximum weight per package of 40 KG, the heavier cages cannot be delivered

2. Invoicing by volume weight, and not physical as before, which generates a transport cost depending on the cage 2 to 4 times higher.

Until the end of the year, we focus exclusively on the production of children's furniture and work on a solution for the delivery of disassembled cages, in kit form. It will require minimal effort on assembly by the client. Delivery in the form of a kit will allow you to maintain a lower cost of transport than it would be to deliver it assembled. This will allow each client to choose the optimal option for him.

The team atvi.eu


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