Cuburile de inpiratie Montessori

12 Sep 2019
Victor Staicu
Montessori Masa si Scaun

We want to announce that lately we are working on a new range of products for children, which is inspired by Montessori pedagogy and whose main feature is flexibility and adaptability ... we are talking about Montessori inspiration cubes.

The first sketches and prototypes were made, we identified a few points to be modified and improved, hoping that by mid-October we would start offering these products for sale on our website and in partner stores.

Until then you will find a small description of this new product range and the first photo of the prototype.

Cubic chairs are the first perfect chair for the little one.

The chair can be started to be used from about 6 months, the child can use it independently. It has two heights depending on how it is rotated. The seats are very durable, giving stability to your child.

Cubes can be used as a chair and table, when using a small and larger cube or as a bedside table.


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