AtviPets Insulated Dog House With Folding Roof Bituminous Cardboard Size 3

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Insulation: Yes

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Resistant dog cage with anti-red metallic profiles, with insulated floor and walls, made of lacquered board, with a folding roof made of bituminous cardboard, possessing all the qualities of use in all four seasons of the year.

Note: The roof of bituminous cardboard offers good protection and resistance of the elbow against the water being easier and more accessible than the bituminous shingle. This type of roof is recommended for non-bearing dogs. If you have a dog that likes to roast we recommend a cage with a roof of shingles.

Among the main features you will find:
  • Solid construction of good quality wood, durable joints doubled with hooks;
  • Anti-red metal profiles perimeter and roof painted;
  • 20 mm polystyrene insulation of the floor and all walls (sandwich panel composed of 12 mm wood panel + 20 mm polystyrene + 6 mm osb)
  • Entry into the uncentered cage that gives the animal better wind protection which can optionally be coated with anti-red metallic profiles
  • Roof of the folding casing covered with bituminous cardboard, recommended for dogs that do not bear fruit;
  • The resistance against the natural elements and implicitly a longer life of the elbow by treating the waterproofing with lacquer based on the water that does not harm the animal
  • 5 cm high entrance does not allow the crib (mattress, chair, fan, etc.) to be taken out of the cage easily by the dog
  • Very solid 5 cm legs that protect the dog and the cage from the soil moisture


Form D (Flat Roof)


Yes (isolated)
Recommended breed
  • Amstaff
  • Bulldog
  • Cocker
  • Collie
  • Dalmatian
  • Dobermann
  • Golden Retriever
  • Pitbull
  • Rottweiler
  • Setters
  • Terrier
Folding roof:
Yes (foldable)
Material Roof:
Bituminous Cardboard

Dimensions and Weight

38 KG
Interior (AxBxCxD)
85 x 65 x 56 x 64 cm (please click on ? for more details)
33 x 44 cm (please click on ? for more details)
Exterior (AxBxC)
105 x 88 x 75 cm (please click on ? for more details)

General characteristics

  • dogs
  • Profile Metalice
  • Wood
  • Bituminous cardboard
24 months

Production and Transport

How it is delivered:
  • Assembled
Package Contents:
  • Cusca Asamblata
Production time:
5-10 working days + transport

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