Send us pictures of the products received and your opinion and we will return 10% of your value!

Customer opinion matters to us as the main source of product improvement. Here are the three simple steps for reimbursing the 10%

1. You purchase the product.

2. Complete the form and attach 3 pictures with the product (s) with the user.

3. In maximum 7 days after receiving them we will return 10% of the value of the products, without the cost of transport.

Even if, after a sale, we received the money and you received the product your opinion is important for us and we want to know it. We want to see the extent to which the products have responded to your requirements and our commitments on the site. Only in this way can we develop and improve our products and services.

Through the form below we try to get these things. We only have 7 questions to ask you, it doesn't take long! For the effort to complete it we will reimburse you 10% of the purchase value in maximum 7 days after receiving the form and the pictures.

The pictures help us quickly validate that it is about our products and will help us show other potential customers real examples of the products shipped. It is possible that some of these pictures may end up in the "Portfolio" section.

The completed form is received by email. The data in it are not published in any form on the site and remain anonymous.

Customer information

Your opinion

Please attach the pictures

Thank you !