Here are some ways to help you choose the right size for your puppy

Products filtering based on race - based on the experience and the most common breeds of dogs we created this filter that allows you to see the products that are generally suitable for your dog's breed

Measure the occupied area when lying down or sleeping - Watch the dog when it is sleeping on a tiled or paving surface to quickly calculate the occupied area. The floor cage must be at least equal to this space.

Measure the dog - to double and check our recommendation it is advisable to measure the dog's breadth. This is recommended because there may be differences in size even between same-sex dogs of the same breed.

Measure the length of the dog without the tail (area L in the picture). Measure height from leg to back (area H in picture).

The length of the cage should be at least equal to the length of the dog without the tail and the height of the cage should be approximately 25% higher than the height of the dog (to the back) when it is standing four legs.

If the dog is chicken try to find the above measurements of the parents