Custile de caini sunt din nou disponibile pentru comanda

31 Jan 2020
Victor Staicu

After we announced in November that we were obliged to stop the production of dog cages due to logistical issues related to product distribution, here is the time to announce that we are starting their production again!

During this period we thought and found solutions to be able to send the cages and as a kit along with the assembly manual. We have not only worked on how to pack them but also on which fixing solutions to use so that the assembly process is as simple as possible for the customers.

Delivery as a kit brings several advantages:

- lower transport costs

- the possibility to transport to international destinations

- the possibility of mounting a cage in spaces where it could not be entered with an assembled cage

It remains for you to analyze the opportunity cost between an assembled delivery and a kit delivery when you place an order.

We also remind you that most of our products are manufactured to order, currently having a manufacturing time of 10 ~ 15 working days.

Thank you and we remain at your disposal.


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